Make Money Selling Videos Online - Introducing Videopreneur Launch... And… Action!

Have you thought about making a web series?

Have you considered putting out training programs?

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! It's time to launch that dream of making money online through video.

We are proud to announce Videopreneur Launch, the ultimate solution to showcase, promote and sell video content online. This game-changing experience enables you to brand yourself as a film maker, launch your own Netflix-style website, upload videos straight to your website and add videos from your favorite online platform like: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo – in the highest quality available online! Take full control over how your flicks are displayed with Videopreneur Launch, available now at Launch in 2 Days.

Not sure where to start? Here’s how your business can create killer video content today!

Season 1: Stream Videos Online

Episode 1: One tool to rule them all

Thanks to Videopreneur Launch, you can showcase all of your videos in one place: on your website. Choose from either uploading your work straight from a computer, or use ones that you already published on Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube – including live streams and 360 videos! In either case, your content will be displayed in a stunning gallery which we personalize to fit the design of your brand. The result will look great on every device – desktop and mobile alike.

Cherry on the cake? Videopreneur Launch does not only enable you to upload single clips; it gives you the possibility to create channels your visitors can subscribe to. Give your fans a heads up every time you update your channel with a new piece of content, by instantly sending a email blast engaging newsletter. This way, they’re sure not to miss one single episode of their new favorite show (yours!).

Episode 2: It’s time to monetize – 100% commission free

Ready to become the new Netflix? Videopreneur Launch enables you to sell your creations straight on your website. Filmmakers, Course Creators, and Trainers can choose between selling video subscriptions for full access to your site’s content access, a temporary pass for 24, 48 or 72 hour viewings of your content, or a monthly subscription for the videos on your site.

All you have to do is upload your video, and set the price and the currency. Every time a visitor makes a purchase, you’ll receive a notification email and the money will be directly deposited into your PayPal account. The best part of it? It's 100% commission free because you're not using 3rd parties or distributors. No hidden costs, no extra fees – and absolutely no ads displayed on your films. What you sell is what you get.

Episode 3: Grow a vibrant community

The Videopreneur Launch also offers a very convenient “sign up to watch” option. This helpful pop-up gives you the possibility to request your visitors’ emails before they enjoy the videos on your site – even if you’re offering your content for free. By adding an email sign up, we help you collect tons of valuable email addresses to grow your community – and later convert those viewers into clients.

Moreover, every new subscriber will automatically appear on your contact list. This means that you’ll be able to contact them or even chat with them through the backend platform – the perfect way to grow your community and raise its loyalty.

Episode 4: Your videos, in the best possible quality

Quality is the number 1 criterion when it comes to publishing a video online. Videographers can tell you first hand about the time, money and countless sleepless nights that go into creating the perfect production. So when all’s said and done, there is nothing more annoying than uploading your masterpiece online, only to find out that chunk of the pixels from your video went missing in the process. Seriously, it’s like creating a Van Gogh… and then finding out that it looks like a cartoon in a gallery.

Thankfully, we build on a platform that uses adaptive streaming to showcase your videos in the best quality available on the internet. This means that your site-visitors will see your videos exactly how you intended them to every time.

Episode 5: Unlimited access to your statistics

Revel in how much people love your craft. The easy-to-use backend we build on is a robust platform that gives access to all of your video’s stats: views, social shares, revenue generated and more. You’ll know everything, day after day. With that kind of intel, you’ll be able to constantly improve your creations, your display methods and promote your work to bigger audience.

Episode 6: Videos Sales added to your Existing Website

If you don't have an exiting website or brand, we can create that first and then add the video opportunity to your website, no matter what industry you're in (photography, restaurant, blog, etc.). Thanks to our amazing designers, we will harmoniously sync with or create your brand.

Here are some examples:

For movies – Beyond Earth

If a movie falls in space and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Trailer, casting section, and stun

For tutorials and online courses – Watch & Learn

Makeup tricks, video game manoeuvres or gym routines– if you have something to teach, this template is for you. Let your audience know about your latest lesson by posting regular videos to your website.

For videographers – Video Portfolio

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Upload your collection to this stunning portfolio template and let your clips do the talking for you.

Season 3: How does this video back end work? Is it easy?

Now, let’s see how you can upload a video in 5 simple steps:

  1. Personalize your design. Click “Settings” and then “Layout”. There's two different layouts, both equally stunning. The classic one displays your video in a beautifully designed box with a thumbnail that invites your visitors to browse more content. The other option is a full-width video strip that will give your site visitors an immediate, long-lasting impression. Of course, every aspect of the design is fully customizable, from the shape of the buttons to the size of the texts. You only have to click “Design” in the “Settings” section to make your choice. Added bonus: Each strip is totally responsive which means that your video will automatically adapt to any device (desktop and computer) and browser size.

  2. Add your video. Click “Manage Videos”, and then “Add Videos” in the “Video Library” section. You can add video clips in two different ways. The first is by adding the URL of any YouTube, Vimeo of Facebook video. The other – and this is the big change – is by uploading your files straight from your desktop. All formats are acceptable, and you can store up to 100GB with the free plan. Added bonus: You can also showcase your YouTube and Facebook 360 videos and live streams right on your website, too!

  3. Configure. Click “Manage Videos”, and then click on the one you want to configure. In the video edit page you’ll find plenty of fields you can use to optimize your video’s performance. Title, category (series, tutorial, drama, etc.), casting or even adding a sign if your videos are for mature public only: you have full control of everything. Added bonus: Don’t forget to complete the description for every video. Since Google cannot watch movies, it will at least enjoy a short written explanation of what’s happening on screen – and reward you with a better SEO.

  4. Set the price. If you’re looking to cash in on your cinematic masterpiece simply select “Manage Videos” and pick the flicks that you wish to add a price for. Click enter in the “Info” section of the video and the price and type of transaction (rent or purchase) you want to allow. Added bonus: Don’t forget to add a short trailer to tease your audience. This can be one that you created yourself, or an automatically generated 20 sec clip.

  5. Publish. Your videos are ready to roll! People are now able to watch your works, share them on their social networks in a simple click, or even subscribe to your channel.

Ready to showcase your videos online and make some money?